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          SIXTH Demo Options


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          • YPM Session
          • Young Generation of tararmela

          What TararMela offers & provide to young people

          • Advocacy
          • Education
          • Service


          FPAB started working for the young people in 1980, first ever in Bangladesh, aiming to promote responsible parenthood among young people with population education and community development activities. Gradually it shifted to Family Life Education (FLE) then to reproductive health. Subsequent to the ICPD conference, with the technical support of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), FPAB has been providing both education and services for sexual and reproductive health education through its adolescent program. Considering young people’s view and suggestion and for being provide Youth Friendly services FPAB specified a place in the clinic and named as TararMela (gathering of stars) with the facilities of library, computer training, internet browsing, English speaking course, talent competition like drawing, essay/story/rhyme writing, debate, indoor games, news paper and also singing and dancing events. All these efforts and facilities result increasing number of young visitors to TararMela.


          Activities / Major Achievements

          Strategies for Youth Program

          Our Donors

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